Darshan Sunger

Founder & Managing Director at Three Oaks Estates

Darshan is the Managing Director and the founder of Three Oaks. He is extremely knowledgeable within the Property Industry as he has been in the business over 18 years.

Darshan prides himself on ensuring that Three Oaks keeps the standard that he has set and is keen on keeping the office a relaxed and happy place not only to work, but also to visit.

Darshan is our legal eagle and keeps the team posted on all the legal changes that are occur within the industry. Darshan heads up the Essex Region of the ARLA Property Mark, UK’sNumber 1 self regulating body and is certainly the man in the know with regards to Property Law.

Darshan is a local so has the knowledge of the area to ensure that the best prices are achieved. He may not always be in the office, but he has the best team available to deal with any queries that you may have!

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