Beverly Marcovitch

Sales Executive at Three Oaks

Beverly is our Sales Executive at Three Oaks Estates and is the newest kid on the Block.

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Teri Sunger

Property Manager at Three Oaks Estates

With over 20 years of experience in residential Property Lettings and Property Management in Chigwell and surrounding areas.

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Karen Sabbarton

Office Clerk at Three Oaks Estates

Karen’s voice will be the 1st one you here when you call into Three Oaks. Karen is the Office Clerk and is here to take your call and ensure that this is passed to the correct member of the team.

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Soni Sunger

Marketing & Analyst at Three Oaks Estates

Soni is the marketing guru and analyst for Three Oaks Estates he ensures that our office is always look fresh and current.

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Darshan Sunger

Founder & Managing Director at Three Oaks Estates

Darshan is the Managing Director and the founder of Three Oaks.

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